About Sejo Asset

Sejo Asset is a thesis-driven venture capital that invests in
cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain projects.
Sejo believes in the long-term market capitalization of the digital currency
and crypto’s potential as a global asset class.

Sejo will construct new fundamental narratives to develop
and pioneer innovative value templates for our investors to navigate
in this burgeoning market of the blockchain industry. Sejo will promote
our investment principles and knowledge to reshape the investment landscape throughout the Republic of Korea, China, and the US.


A Dedicated Venture Capital supporting a Sustainable Web 3 Ecosystem

  • 1

    Crypto-Focused Venture Capital

    Sejo has rich investment practices in traditional finance and blockchain technology for strategic investment of digital currencies in the Web 3 Ecosystem

  • 2

    Cayman ELP Structure

    Exempted Limited Partnership (ELP) offers well-functioning, efficient and flexible laws to investors to minimize tax, limited ownership restrictions, and exchange controls

  • 3

    Incubator and Accelerator

    Sejo investment infrastructure provides funding, networking, and management of our diverse portfolios to maximize our investment capital

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