Managing Partner

FounderDohyung Jeon (Dennis)

Dohyung Jeon, Majored in economics in China. Mr. Jeon has managed to incorporate virtual assets in the real economy through collaboration with traditional Korean financial industry.


Co-FounderJaewon Shin(Jay)

Jaewon Shin, graduated from Zhejiang University in Politics, offers a proprietary network of blockchain projects and institutional investors. Mr. Shin provides exclusive access to private deals and the dialogue from the some of the largest players in blockchain area in both Korea and China.

Global Director

 Yujie Chen (Julie)

Yujie Chen, graduated from Korea University in Media and International Studies, a multicultural communicator who has sufficient working experience in blockchain and metaverse fields. Working for several prestigious news agencies, Ms. Chen excels at content creation and campaigns, hosted the UN WSIS workshop panels, several TEDx talks and global metaverse forums.

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